Tangible software to onboard investors.

A monetizable product to test a new market.

A solid foundation to put your team on track.


Expertise across the board

Strategy, UX/UI, Development, Testing. We cover all cycles of the product development process to insure that you can rely on us at every step along the way.

A modular process

We always adjust our process and deliverables to fit how your organization works best. Want to do user testing in house? You can. You already have a great UX designer on board and want to move forward with UI and Development only? We can do that too.

A focused approach

We help you to identify the essence of your future product and turn it into a simple & engaging application that will demonstrate your value proposition to anyone.


Software Engineer

Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko

Gueorgui has been working with the web for the last 18 years. In addition to a long career as a freelancer, he has run his own startup and been the CTO of a product design agency. He has worked on building products with companies such as COOKPAD, Moneytree, Google, ASICS, Seiko, and more.

Product Designer

Mathieu Mayer

Mathieu started making websites in the early 2000s. He is a generalist designer with a strong interest in creative front-end development, prototyping and design systems. He has designed for companies such as Google, Indeed, Asics, Tokyo Art Beat and Doorkeeper.


Proven standard technologies...

Our first choices for building your MVP are Ruby on Rails and React. Both are rock-solid, industry-standard technologies that enable quick iteration, and guarantee trouble-free code maintenance and further development.

... but business goals come first.

Every project is different, and so are the optimal technological choices needed to power it. An online marketplace should not be based on the same tech as a real-time communication tool — we will use our years of experience to recommend the right fit for your project.


We don't think that minimum viable means “rushed & sketchy”. We don’t think MVPs are created from lowering standards when it comes to design or code.

An old common mistake is often to define what makes the full-product and then trimming its full potential by ticking features off the list. At that point it already becomes really hard to avoid “scope creep” situations.

Building an MVP is first and foremost identifying what makes the essence of your product, and testing that against the real world.

We made it our core design principle to help you identify that essence and fullfil your original vision while keeping down cost and time to market.